My creations - Mis creaciones

My creations - Mis creaciones

Monday, November 16, 2020

I'm back !

Hello ! 
I'm back or I think I'm back to this little space and I've missed it. 
I know I've said that in the past. . . but life gets in the middle, doesn't it ? 
Or 2020 gets in the middle . . . let's not talk about 2020, right ? 

Let's talk about our creative life and how grateful I am to have the hobbies I have. 
Since I wrote here last time I have evolved as a maker, a lot. . . 
I now have discover also the love for embroidery, and increase my passion for patchwork. 
but what I love the most is that I have so many crafts to fall into depending on my time availability,
depending on my mood and depending on where I am also. 

Like knitting is very portable, but sewing isnt, but then patchwork can be portable too, right ? 

Today I wanted to pop in to show you my latest creations which combine all of my passions at the moment, 

I love Christmas, is that a secret ? 
I know some people dont love it and to be honest I think what I love most is the run up to Christmas, 
more than the week where all is concentrated. 

I love October, November and December . . . I love the coziness of those months, I love it when is cold. 
Then, I know, I live in Madrid where we have gorgeous winters . . . I just love winter in Madrid. 
It is cold but we have blue skies and it is sunny for the most part. 
But I love rainy days too. .. there is something very romantic about rain that I love. 
I'm babbling . . .

Back to my creations. 
I was saying they combine all my passions. 
Xmas, embroidery, sewing, patchwork and knitting. . . 
The knitting part is because the bags are made to be project bags for knitting projects. 
But that is what I had in mind and what my moment of RELAX is. . . knitting. 

These are now up on my Etsy shop. 
Aren't they cute ? 
I think they are adorable ! 
I'm working on more but this all the Xmas fabric I had left at the moment. . . 

It was my dream to make my little Etsy shop and that dream stands now more than ever before. 
My main job is in the tourism industry . . . so that is now . . . well, let's leave at quite quiet. . . 

So back to my happy place. 
I have enjoyed so much making these bags, 

I hope someone loves them too and makes someone as happy as I have felt while making them. 
By the way. . . while I was making them I was listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong . . . .oh ! 
and dreaming of a better world, or a better future for all. 

Well now, I better go pick up my son from soccer training. . . 

I do hope you are all well and safe 

and that you find solace in your crafting. . . 
What has been your favourite thing to make this year ? 

Take Care and Stay Safe, 



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