Thursday, August 11, 2016

I have started a YouTube Podcast . . .

Hello all ! and thanks for hanging in there during my long periods of absence.

After a long time wanting to do a video podcast I finally took the plunged and beat up that fear that

was keeping me from doing it.

Now you can see all things I'm currently making but it will be me showing them to you, in my channel (click above).

Please subscribe if you like it and like the video to show me some love, which is much needed in this new beginning.

After giving it a lot of thought I decided to do it in English since I wanted my international friends to also understand it, I'm sad my mother won't be able to understand it but she has me in real life to explain things to her and she has seen everything in the planning, making and the finished objects.

I have to plan a structure for the podcast yet and show notes will follow.

Please feel free to ask me anything you want to know about what you see in the podcast in the meanwhile. Remember you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Easy. I'm CountryMaison everywhere. . . .

I look forward to your feedback on my first episode !!

Thank you all in advance,


Friday, April 22, 2016

Evolve. . . . knitting, hand dyeing, new projects...

Hello !

Anybody there ??

First thanks for the followers that have not clicked the 'unfollow' button :-) and the ones who have, well, I totally understand them.

I have been away from my little space here for so long. . . so much has been happening in my little creative and crafty mind. . . I have evolved into so many things. I still feel I 'm trying to find myself if that makes sense ?

I like trying everything I get my eyes on, I'm curious by nature and want to know how things work, how is it done, I like solving misteries. . .

I learned to knit socks because it was an utter mystery to me. . . often times once I resolve the mystery of it I go on to something else. . .

Crochet stayed in my life for a few years and in fact all my life on and off. . . and knitting seemed to be just out of reach. I learned to knit when I was a child, I must have been 10 or 11 ? I can't really remember but I remember it not being a nice experience. I knit a scarf in 2x2 ribbing. . . how did that happen ? I wonder when I rescued the scarf from a bag with old things. . . .

The thought that I could not get passed knit and purl stitches stayed with me and so the idea of doing just that bored me.

Anyway, I picked up my knitting needles again 3 years ago and knitting has stayed with me and crochet was abandoned there and then (not forever though) but 3 years on I just can't put knitting down. . .

I have made cowls, hats, a cardigan, 3 shawls, socks. . . not very much to be honest as I'm a slow knitter and I spend more time ripping back than actually knitting on something :-)

I have now started the so called 'cozy memories blanket' although for me is not about memories but about using scraps or 'minis' I have dyed myself. . . I have been experimenting with dying yarn (yet this is another mystery solving for me). . . . the colour creation has proved fascinating for me, so much fun (I need to write a post about this). And yesterday I could see this also reflected on my kids.

Yesterday we had one of those nowadays rare free afternoon . . . .and we all needed calm and a quiet time. We made 'homemade' painting using corn flour, water and food colouring. My kids loved mixing the colours and try to get as many different colours as possible. Once the colours were mixed they were done with it, the fun was over. Mixing the colours is supposed to be only the preparation so that they could paint with them afterwards, but no, no painting happened.

I leave you here a few pictures of my blanket and the newest shawl I have started, and also the plan is to start this week this cardigan for my daughter.

Above is the French Cancan Shawl I have made for my mum

These are my first hand dyeing experiments, using food colouring which I will talk more about in the future, as I have also now have started selling full hanks hand dyed by me in my Etsy Shop

This is green ball is one of my favourites, the colour is not as bright as it looks on my screen, it is bright but not as much

 This is how my hand dyed yarn blanket is looking . . . so far

This mini here is also one of my favourites. . . .not sure why but I got lots of these pink/lilac minis, my hands and mind just seemed to mix the colours into these most of the time. . . 

And this is the new shawl I've casted on. . . I started this 3 times so far. The yarn is lace (2 ply) and I'm not used to working with such fine yarn. I was knitting with 3.5mm needles but the project did not call me, I was being put off . 
I changed needles to these zings 2.75 mm and I'm loving it !!

the pattern is this one

And just yesterday I bought this pattern in Ravelry to make it for my daughter. . . .

That is it from me for now, hope to post sooner this time :-)

Thanks for reading !


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Project Bag - a quick hello !

Hello all !! 

It has been a long time but I miss my little blog but summer seems to be always really busy for me. . . shouldn't summers be long lazy days ?? - not for me. . . but I do dream about those days. 
I was telling my husband today that I miss reading Country Homes and Interios (I had a subscription to it for years. . . :-)) What do I miss from it ??
Looking at lovely houses, relaxed settings and lots of lovely things, recipes, and what not. 

And more than anything because it made me dream. . . dream that one day I will be able to relax a little bit in a house like those of magazines, in a garden like the ones I see in there. . . 

Maybe I am a fool but what I know is I am a DREAMER and I will never stop dreaming. 

Ok, enough babbling now. 

See that little bag in the above picture ?? Cute isn't it ?
It is actually a project bag I made myself. For my knitting. For my current sock WIP. 

I needed a bag to carry my kitting and I wanted to make it myself, out of my favourite fabrics (or at least some of my favourite fabrics. . .)

And I love the expose zip. I wanted to make a different project bag and I had not seen any with exposed zips. It adds a very romantic touch to it. . . I feel !

I have even toyed with the idea of making some for my Easy Shop. . . but the idea vanishes in my mind as it fills up with my busy work life and the crazy months ahead of me. 

And so we will see. . . do you think people would buy it ? - I'm always insecure about things like this. 

This bag started when I was playing with my fabric stash. . . 

And I'm making socks and shawls. . . shawls ??? me ?? A beginner knitter ?? 
Yes !! and I want to learn more and more, knitting is so addictive that I have neglected quite a bit my crochet. . . :-(

I bought these sock yarns in Barcelona back in June . . . lovely, aren't they ??

and I'm making socks for my daughter . . .  

and I'm doing the Fish Kiss Heels for the first time. . . the pattern is only $1 in Raverly. 

The sock pattern I'm using is the Everyday Socks by Erica Luder (a free pattern in Raverly)

 And that is all I have to show you for today. . . I hope to be back soon to show you my shawls and other lovely things. .  .

What have you all been up to lately ?


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Garden Granny Blanket. . .

Hello dears !
I can finally show off my new blanket, 
which I have called Garden Blanket, because of the flower motifs. 
I started this blanket ramdonly and not knowing 
what I wanted it to be. Well, that is not true. 
I knew exactly the idea I wanted for this blanket, 
I just could not picture it, but I knew what I wanted. 

One thing is sure, I kind of wanted to make a Cath Kidston inspired blanket. . . .and I'm not sure if I achieved my goal. . . and to be honest I could not care less now because I just love the result !! 

This blanket is a gift to a very special baby. . . .(but tell me, is there any baby in the world that is not special ??) 
I mean special because she is my cousin's daughter. 
This cousin has been very special to me throughout my childhood, but about 15 years ago we kind or grew apart. As it happens in many families, there were some family problems. . . at the same time I moved abroad and we lost contact. . . 
We have met again in February and it was an extraordinary day full of emotions and memories. 

I made this blanket mainly with my yarn stash. . . from the yarn I used to make this blanket I made for my daughter. It is a 50% acrylic 50% wool yarn. I buy it locally and a couple of skeins of some colours left. . . I started using green first. . . . instead of the baby blue...
Then the shade of green was just not right, I thought. 
I also bought red and turquoise to give it a boost of colour. . . 

For the border I did a single crochet round in white. Then I used the 2 first rounds of border #120 from the Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman book. 
And to finish off I continued with border #105 from the same book. 
The final round of the border was done in red as I think it kind of frames the blanket and finishes it off. 

Blankets have a lot of history in them. . . I made this one while dealing with a lot (more than I bargained for. . . ) family emotions, good and bad. . . I also made it while traveling to different places for work, pleasure.... and also and mainly watching a fabulous tv series called Gran Hotel (Spanish production) which I have loved !! 

I also made this blanket in a record time (for me). . . 
I started it in February and it was finished on April 5th 2015, 
so about 2 months. . . . wow !!! I'm amazed !! 
I never thought I could make a blanket in 2 months ?!?! 

Now I suppose you want the details ?? 

It is made with Solid Granny Squares (this is a very simple pattern, that can be easily found in Google or any pattern site like Rarely) 
The flower motifs are the Waterlily square from the 200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton. 

It has 29 solid squares and 11 waterlily squares. 
It measures: 29' x 45' aprox (74cm x 114cm)
It weights: 438 gr
This means over 6 skeins of 50gr balls (200 cm per skein) = 1,752 metres of yarn !!

And now I leave you with some more pictures to enjoy !! 
I hope to write again soon. . . and be more regular on this little blog of mine. 

Take Care for now, 


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