My creations - Mis creaciones

My creations - Mis creaciones

Monday, November 16, 2020

I'm back !

Hello ! 
I'm back or I think I'm back to this little space and I've missed it. 
I know I've said that in the past. . . but life gets in the middle, doesn't it ? 
Or 2020 gets in the middle . . . let's not talk about 2020, right ? 

Let's talk about our creative life and how grateful I am to have the hobbies I have. 
Since I wrote here last time I have evolved as a maker, a lot. . . 
I now have discover also the love for embroidery, and increase my passion for patchwork. 
but what I love the most is that I have so many crafts to fall into depending on my time availability,
depending on my mood and depending on where I am also. 

Like knitting is very portable, but sewing isnt, but then patchwork can be portable too, right ? 

Today I wanted to pop in to show you my latest creations which combine all of my passions at the moment, 

I love Christmas, is that a secret ? 
I know some people dont love it and to be honest I think what I love most is the run up to Christmas, 
more than the week where all is concentrated. 

I love October, November and December . . . I love the coziness of those months, I love it when is cold. 
Then, I know, I live in Madrid where we have gorgeous winters . . . I just love winter in Madrid. 
It is cold but we have blue skies and it is sunny for the most part. 
But I love rainy days too. .. there is something very romantic about rain that I love. 
I'm babbling . . .

Back to my creations. 
I was saying they combine all my passions. 
Xmas, embroidery, sewing, patchwork and knitting. . . 
The knitting part is because the bags are made to be project bags for knitting projects. 
But that is what I had in mind and what my moment of RELAX is. . . knitting. 

These are now up on my Etsy shop. 
Aren't they cute ? 
I think they are adorable ! 
I'm working on more but this all the Xmas fabric I had left at the moment. . . 

It was my dream to make my little Etsy shop and that dream stands now more than ever before. 
My main job is in the tourism industry . . . so that is now . . . well, let's leave at quite quiet. . . 

So back to my happy place. 
I have enjoyed so much making these bags, 

I hope someone loves them too and makes someone as happy as I have felt while making them. 
By the way. . . while I was making them I was listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong . . . .oh ! 
and dreaming of a better world, or a better future for all. 

Well now, I better go pick up my son from soccer training. . . 

I do hope you are all well and safe 

and that you find solace in your crafting. . . 
What has been your favourite thing to make this year ? 

Take Care and Stay Safe, 



Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Has it really been 9 months ??

Hello all,

Anybody there ? - I feel I lately start this way when writing in this little space of mine.
I always have the intention of being  more regular, but then life gets in the middle of it.

It's been a good while, since October 2016, really ???? that long ???

Ok, so lots happened, some knitting happened too, not much though.

Ok, so I'll tell you a bit of the highlights of all this time.

At Christmas we went to France (as we usually do since my husband is French), and we stopped at Lille for 1 night before going to my in-laws. Of course and as every time we go somewhere, the first thing I look up is yarn shops. . . I guess every yarn loving person does, I don't feel I'm the only one.
And so I went to La Droguerie and bought these beauties:

It is Alpaca yarn, and even though I mentioned in my YouTube channel a few times I do not consider myself someone who would gravitate towards blue, well, I think I need to rethink that because I have for the most part of 2016 and 2017 gone straight for blues 😏

I bought it to make a cardigan for my son but then in the end it was too fine, and so I;m saving it to make something for myself, maybe a shawl or a fingering weight cardigan, I'm not sure yet. I have a few favourites saved in Ravelry.

In February I had my birthday and my husband got me a few lovely things. Amongst those where these sock blockers (finally 😍) and the amazing Anne of Green Gables DVD set, which he ordered from Canada, no less. I cannot tell you how I adore Anne of Green Gables. I watched it when I was 12 years old for the first time and loved it since. I always felt a bit like Anne, and also the part of me that was not like Anne admired her and wanted to be like her. . .

I managed to finish these socks too. They are the Mercury Socks. It is a great pattern and it's free ¡¡

I is perfect for knitters that want to try lace knitting as the lace pattern in it is easy enough for adventurous beginners I'd say. If you are an experienced knitter, it is also lovely to knit this pattern since it is quite enjoyable and mindless. I love the result and really love how the socks turned out. 
The yarn used is Bergere de France, their Goomy 50 line in the Imprime Beige colour way. 

Well, that it for today. 

Oh, and if you are interested in cotton yarn I'm doing a Clearance Sale at my Etsy Shop of the Natura Just cotton. I really need to clear all the stock I have so that I can begin new ventures with my own hand dyed yarn ¡¡ 

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer ! 



Thursday, August 11, 2016

I have started a YouTube Podcast . . .

Hello all ! and thanks for hanging in there during my long periods of absence.

After a long time wanting to do a video podcast I finally took the plunged and beat up that fear that

was keeping me from doing it.

Now you can see all things I'm currently making but it will be me showing them to you, in my channel (click above).

Please subscribe if you like it and like the video to show me some love, which is much needed in this new beginning.

After giving it a lot of thought I decided to do it in English since I wanted my international friends to also understand it, I'm sad my mother won't be able to understand it but she has me in real life to explain things to her and she has seen everything in the planning, making and the finished objects.

I have to plan a structure for the podcast yet and show notes will follow.

Please feel free to ask me anything you want to know about what you see in the podcast in the meanwhile. Remember you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Easy. I'm CountryMaison everywhere. . . .

I look forward to your feedback on my first episode !!

Thank you all in advance,


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