Monday, November 11, 2013

Stash-Busting: Scarf for little girls . . .

 Hello !! 
For a while I could not decide on which pattern to use for a new scarf for my daughter. 
I looked through Raverly, blogs, etc but could not find a pattern that I loved utterly. 

Finally I can show you the result of this project for which I gave you a sneak peak on this post. 

I had been wanting to make something with Attic24 lovely little May Roses, and so I thought this was the perfect project ! (see May Roses scarf version at the end of the post) 

However, when I had it finished I kept thinking it was not the definite scarf and so last Saturday, looking through Lucy's blog I also saw again the flower she had made for her lovely hat.  

 And thought: this could be it ! It could be the definite touch for the scarf. 
So I made a test version of the Triple Layer Flower, and then another version until I made this one and thought I was happy with it. 
 The scarf is made in Soft Merino Wool Yarn in rows of single crochet (US), double crochet (UK). 
The coloured details and flower is made in the same yarn I made my daughter's blanket, a yarn I adore. 
It is 50% wool, 50% acrylic and the colours are really yummy !

To make the fuchsia detail I made a row of single crochet (US) or double crochet (UK) in the back loop of the stitches you are working on. This makes a ripple effect on your row, them continued with SC/DC all along. On top of the rippled row I made a slip stitch (Single Crochet in UK) row in fuchsia pink. 

 The edge was just a very simple but pretty one and it kind of was screaming for it. 
I made the border : 
US terms
3 double crochet on same stitch, slip stitch on next, 3 DC on next stitch, slip stich on next, and so on
UK terms
3 triple crochet on same stitch, single crochet on next, 3 TC on next, SC on next, and so on

This was the May Roses Version. 

What are you making at the moment ?

Have a lovely week !!



  1. Hello Eva! I love your new look of your blog: sa you know pink and green are my favourite colors. Me too I prefer triple flower....I' m finishing my blanket, I have to do about 20 granny flowers till the end. The end in near!!!

  2. Love your scarf and I prefer the triple flower.
    I've just finished crocheting a shawl for myself.

  3. It's a lovely scarf, very girly and pretty :-) You might also have solved my scarf making problem! I was just pondering on how to knit a scarf for my Dad and then seeing yours made me realise that crocheting one would be much faster and actually rather lovely too. Thanks for the inspiration :-) I've just blogged my wafflings if you want a read :-)

  4. The scarf is adorable! I love the colours and the little flower is perfect. I'm making lots of flowers at the moment too for a vintage doily I'm working on. Have a wonderful day! x

  5. What a lovely scarf, the flower and the edging gives it the perfect finishing touch, I bet your daughter loves it. :)

  6. The scarf is so cute, Eva!!! I am sure your daughter will love it :-)

  7. Preciosa la bufanda.. esa flor tan linda y ese remate le da un toque personal que me encanta...

  8. It is so beautiful. I would love a scarf like that for myself. Your daughter must love it.

  9. Es una bufanda muy bonita ,delicada y romántica.Un saludo.Olga.

  10. ¡,,,HI the scarf is so cute Eva love the colours and the little flower is perfect

  11. ooh that's so nice! muy hermosa :-))
    I love your blog..hugs!


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