Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Knitting - preparing for the winter . . .

I'm just back from a week holidays and if you are in IG you will know that 
I have been knitting a lot. 

I think I am becoming addicted to it !! 

I have made another pair of mittens, this time for a gift. . . .same as these ones and this but in aubergine colour. 
I don't have a picture yet of them. . . 

I have also managed to teach myself to fair isle knitting. . . and now I cannot stop....the ideas keep flooding my head with things I want to make.

To learn...
I made myself another pair of mittens (yes, another pair)
I will be well ready for the cold this winter, haha !

I realised any cross-stitch pattern can work (or so I believe. . . ) and so I just scribbled in a piece of paper little hearts and improvised the rest. I just wanted a simple pattern and not too much color change as Im not sure Im doing it right. 

 But I like the final result and I'm proud of my little self !! 
It has been a long time I have been admiring with mystery all those fair isle knitting makes in Pinterest, the web, blogs. . . .and I thought it was much more complicated. . . I have also found this to be fun. 

I have realised I'm amazed at the incredible patience I have when it comes to knitting and crochet. . . I wished I had the same amount of patience for other things in life or even for sewing !!!

and now. . . I'll leave you as my knitting is waiting for me. . . 

xoxo Eva  



  1. Lovely mitten Eva! I'm not able to knitting and I only imagine the incredible patience to do all this gorgeous hearts!:::Silvia

  2. Te han quedado preciosos.
    Esas manos no van a pasar frío este invierno.

  3. Those are beautiful! I can't believe you taught yourself and made your own pattern. I am actually going to take a class in the fall on making your pattern for mittens (the colorwork design part not the mittens). You knit those so fast too!

  4. Very cute! You've advanced so much with your inspire me :) xx

  5. Nice! Love the little hearts in the pattern .:-)

  6. Hello Eva, nice to see you :) I hope you are having a good summer! Next giveaway I'll tell you. For 12 years I painted porcelain! I have many pieces, I must begin sharing them some day.
    Lovely work and really beautiful little hearts! Now I don't like knitting because of hot weather but in the end of September I begin and only stop in June.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft


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