Monday, November 4, 2013

New Bunting & New Look . . .

Hello all ! 
Last few weeks are being hectic over here but good too.

I have also been changing the look of my blog as I just felt like it and wanted to create my own logo and this time do it by myself, which I did.
What do you think ? Do you like it ? 
I feel a bit nervous about this change, not sure why but I do. 
I will still probably play around the whole look the next few weeks until I feel 
completely happy with it. 
I had no idea I could create my own kind of logo as I have no idea of design, technology, etc and I have used Pickmonkey for it. I quite like the result. 

Then I also have to show you the latest bunting I have made. 
It was again a custom order and this time they just told me that the 
girls room was grey and white. 

Then I went to my local craft supplies store and chose this delicate fabric by Riley Blake, it is called 
Willow Main in Pink. 
I decided to add some pink into it too and they loved the result. 

After I delivered the bunting I was told that they had actually forgotten to mention that the room was actually grey, white and pink ! 

So everyone happy ! 

Now I need to get a better camera so that I can show you better pictures next times. . . 
(all pictures are being taken with my mobile at the moment, not ideal, I know)



  1. Hola Eva.. ha quedado bonito, sobrio y elegante... a mi me gusta, pero si no te convence cambialo las veces que quieras.. que para eso está.. hasta que quede a tu gusto... y las fotos están bien.. no te preocupes.. una guirnalda muy bonita...

  2. Hola Eva. Me gusta el cambio. La guirnalda muy bonita. Enhorabuena. Besos

    1. Muchas gracias Consuelo !! Os agradezco de veras que me deis la opinion.

  3. Oh so pretty! I love your new look blog and the bunting is very pretty. The fabric is so cute xoxo

  4. I like your new blog look it's simple but tasteful, I'm not much good at that sort of thing and am always nervous about making changes. Your bunting is very pretty and blends nicely with your colour scheme. :)

  5. I love your blog , your bunting is Vero pretty !,,,,


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