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My name is Eva and I am a mummy of 2 beutiful children. My daughter Sofia is 8 and my son Marc has just turned 5. I am 42 years old and in a happy place at the moment !!

We live in a lovely town called Alcala de Henares, in Madrid, where I am from.

The name of my blog really came to my head many years ago before I even thought of having a blog.

I lived in Dublin, Ireland for 7 years of my life, an event that marked my life forever and that influences many aspects of it too. I was always fascinated by Paris and French language too. As it happens I met my French husband in Dublin and lived there together for 6 years before we moved to Madrid. He proposed to me in Paris ! (guess where ? at Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower: magic !)

While I was in Dublin I developed a great interest by interior design, country homes and I could really feed that interest by visiting all the Irish great houses and estates. I even did an introductory course in interior design and become a great fan of Country Homes & Interiors Magazine, my favourite ! (This is a paradox in me since I've always been an urbanite !! ha,ha)

So there you go my love for country homes and English and French language . . . and Country Maison came to my head !

As it happens my daughter was born on St.Patricks Day (Patron Saint of Ireland) 10 days earlier than the due date . . . is not that a coincidence ?

The crafty me:

Ever since I can remember I saw my granny crocheting. My mum and aunt sewing and making my cousin and me all our clothing items. I used to spend entire afternoons at fabric shops, yarn shops you name it. And so I also learned crochet and knit at a very young age.
I also remember all the tablecloths and towels around the house had a crochet border, all the bedlinen was hand embroidered. . .

But my love for yarn started a few years ago when I started making a blanket for my baby girl.

I have been making things to prettify her bedroom ever since she was born 8 years ago now. Then my son was born 5 years ago and I also started making crochet blankets for him. I love the whole process from choosing the colours and there is something very grounding about hand making something. I suddenly relax, and love seeing how a ball of yarn is transformed into something so beautiful, it gives me a great sense of achievement and I am also brought back to basics amongst all this digital / technological world we now live in.

Although I learned to knit and purl as a child it was not a nice experience and never picked it up again until about over 2 years ago. I was intrigued about sock knitting, fascinated by shawls. . . and was determined to learn further. And so I did. I watched YouTube videos, looked at tutorials online, etc. Yarn dyeing came after and this is where I am now, fascinated by my own makes and the process and how it makes me feel. Knitting is my yoga.

I love sharing my love for yarn, crochet, knitting, sewing and so I decided to start this blog and share my love for all these crafts with the world !!

Hope you enjoy browsing around my blog and that you come back soon !

♥ Eva ♥

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