Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stash Busting: Cotton Finished Blanket and another WIP

Hello !
I hope you are having a good week so far. 
It has been great reading all those posts around in blogland about Yarndale. 
I am so glad to have contributed with some buntings !! 

Now it is finally time to show you my son's blanket. I have been working on this project during August and September. I told you about it here and here I told you about buying all the yarns for it. 

This time I have used Paris Drops which are 100% cotton. I had never crocheted this type of cotton yarn before and thought it would be stiffer to work with but it has been ok, and once you get used to it it's actually fine. 

The colours I have used are: (you can see full colour chart here)

16 - White
30 - Denim Blue
48 - Petrol
29 - light ice blue

The squares are all solid granny squares which I had wanted to make for sometime...

As border I just made it up, very simple. 
First round: all single crochet (US) , double crochet (UK)
Second Round: all double crochet (US) , triple crochet (UK)
Forth Round: all single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
In each round I did 3 stitches at the corner stitch. 

 To join the squares I used the single crochet (US) (double in UK) at the back loop which gives a lovely ridged edge that is decorative at the same time. 
The blanket has still to be washed and blocked but I am happy with the result. 

 I still have to make my daughter's Paris Drops cotton blanket but have not decided on the pattern as yet...
But at this moment I am working on another WIP which I will give you a peek of:

 Have a lovely day !

x Eva 


  1. Your son's blanket is beautiful - I love the colours. Your WIP is beautiful, too - I look forward to seeing all of it.

  2. It is gorgeous!!!!! I love the colors. Can you tell me more about the crochet bed spread under it? I can't wait to see more of that pretty sneak peak project.

  3. The blanket is so beautiful! and I can´t wait to see what ou will make with the cute roses...

  4. It's a wonderful blanket. Perfect for a little boy.

  5. Oi amiga, adorei todas as novidades do teu blog, também trago novidades no meu blog para ti contar, confira e depois deixe um comentário para eu poder saber o que achastes,abraços do Brasil

  6. Lovely blanket and your new WIP is looking very pretty indeed :) xoxo

  7. me encantó la combinación ¡¡, linda ¡¡, cariños

  8. Absolutely beautiful blanket, love love LOVE the colours! Can I ask how many balls of each colour you used?

  9. Dear Shivers,

    Sorry for the late reply. I have not found your actual name or another way to contact you more direct and so I don't know if you will every read this, but just in case. I think I used 3 balls of each colour and 4 or 5 of the white one as you need extra for the border.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Hello! Is this for a single bed ? It is a simply beautiful blanket and I would love to recreate it for a king size bed.

    1. Hello !! It really is a cot size . It only covers half of a single bed.
      To be honest I use it for decoration, to add splash of colour and handmade feel to the overall decor of the room.
      Hope this helps !


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