Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maginspiration #2

Hello all !!

I come back again with more inspiration found in old magazines. 
We are still renovating the basement and so we are still spending time looking for ideas, inspiration, buying materials, etc. 
I am making progress in my little boy blanket but as I had nearly finished last night I was not completely happy with the way I was joining the squares and so I pulled the thread and I'm starting to join them again with a different method. 
It is not something I'm enjoying as there has been a lot of testing, making and unmaking on this blanket but it is part of the learning curve and this way I will know which is the method of joining solid grannies I like the most. 
I will share the result and method used with you once is finished and ready to show. 

Now back to inspiration . . .found in Country Homes & Interiors - November 2008

A quilt above and there is also what looks as a lovely crochet throw (first picture above)

And another quilt in lovely blues and greys. . . so romantic . . . 

And some more found at Ideal Home - December 2010

Lovely grannys blanket . . .

And knitted cushions . . .lovely !

Hope you find these inspiring too . . .

Have a lovely week !



  1. Doing my second blanket I looked to your post and thought about the third!
    So many projects in my head!
    too much projects!

  2. love these magazines. I am a total magazine junkie and hoarder ! I have been buying Country Living for as long as I remember and Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home for the last few years. I love that you can put them away and pick them up a few years later and get new ideas from them :O) Love your blog and sorry I don't always comment x


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