Monday, August 11, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I have been quite relax about my blog lately and one of the reasons is time lacking and another 
is also probably I am still with that urge to knit and crochet more than using my computer for anything apart from work. 

What has got me to my computer and blog today ?? 
A Blog Hop invitation by lovely Elizabeth from Elizyart Blog

I think Elizabeth and I both started our blog around the same time and we have been in regular contact since them. . .and we both live in Madrid (Spain) !! She has created some lovely things and made gorgeous crochet shawls !! If you have not visited her blog please do so now and enjoy some lovely crochet !!

Now, I have to answer 4 questions, here we go !!: 

Question #1: What are you working on at the moment?
I'm always working on several things: this pictures below are solid grannies. 

They will become a blanket for my daughter. It will be the 'girl' version of this blanket I made exactly one year ago for my son. I also told you about this when I bought the yarn (before I had my own Etsy yarn store)

Still long to go before is finished, but I will take it with me on holidays to the South of France and try to finish it there (you can follow my updates while I'm on holidays in Instagram (@countrymaison)

I also made these hexagons. They will become something one day but Im just enjoying making them for the moment. They are made with Natura Just Cotton yarn. 

I have very recently finished this knitted hat for my son. It was knitted with circular needles and it's my first ever knitted hat. I've enjoyed it so much(even though this was only a test hat) that 

I'm now making another one for my daughter !! 

And I've also made this mittens using 4 double pointed needles. 
I'm becoming more and more addictive to knitting, just because I'm making progress with it, otherwise I think I would have dropped it, but I love it !!

Question #2: How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I think we all have our own style. I get inspired by many things I see on internet, Pinterest, IG, etc but when I make it , it looks completely different and each creation evolves in the process of making it and it turns out not how you planned it but it has your own style. I find this with each blogger, sometimes you can tell who made something just because it has a very specific style of that person !!

Question #3: Why do you create what you do?

I have been crocheting and making things ever since I can remember. I always need to be doing something if posible crochet (and now also knitting). I just cannot seat still and not do something. 
I also want to make things my children will keep and remember me with when they grow up, and maybe pass it on to their own children !! 
I need to create all the time

Question #4: How does your creative process work? 

It depends. Sometimes I need to make a cushion and other times I just need to crochet and relax and in this case I make granny squares. One piece of work inspires the next. I have never been without a project in my hands. Other times I need to make a gift for a baby and the person inspires me to make one or another thing. 

Now, I had to invite 2 other bloggers. :-( 
Unfortunately the ladies I asked could not accept because of time issues (summer, holidays, work, other duties. . . ) 
And so I leave here an open invitation. The first 2 bloggers that contact me to let me know they would like to participate I will put their names here and here. 
All you would have to do is answer the same 4 questions  I've answered above (on a blogpost on your blog next Monday 18th Aug) and invite 2 other bloggers. 



  1. Lindos proyectos, Eva! Me gusta que combines ganchillo y dos agujas.
    Saludos, Ana BC

  2. Great answers Eva! Your current projects are so lovely and it's amazing how much you have progressed with knitting in so little time! I need to create all the time too so it was lovely to read that answer of yours :) xx

  3. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


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