Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stash-Buster Challenge Project #2

Hello ! 
Today I want to share with you what it will be my next project. I really, really want to finish off this blanket. I first showed you this blanket in this post.  First, I really want to see how it looks when it is finished, and second I want to move on to other projects (and I'm not going to hide it, buy more yarn !!)

I've actually been doing the little circles every now and then and I will now join them together with the blanket part that is already made. Then make another batch of them until the yarn is finished. 

I will let you know and show it when it is finished !!

How exciting !! 


Hola !
Hoy quiero compartir con vosotras lo que será mi próximo proyecto. Y es que realmente quiero terminar esta manta. Os la enseñe por primera vez aquí. Primero la quiero terminar porque quiero ver como queda y segundo porque quiero poder pasar a hacer otras cosas (y no os voy a esconder que no puedo esperar a comprar mas lanas !!)

He estado haciendo estos circulitos en pequeños ratitos que tenia y ahora los uniré todos a la parte que ya estaba hecha. Después haré otra tanda de circulitos hasta que se me acabe la lana.

Os la enseñare una vez este terminada !!

Que ganas!!

Bss Eva


  1. Gorgeous!!!!! I love the colors and the pattern. You are really making me want to start a blanket.

    1. Why don't you start one ? And also you could join the challenge too . . .it's fun !! Thanks!

  2. Good luck with finishing the blanket, I am doing one exactly the same but different finishing colour, I started it a year ago and not finished yet haha I bet you finish yours before I do mine :)

  3. Hi
    Looks really nice. Well done making all those rounds. I am excited to see the finished blanket.
    My Rose Valley

  4. Thank you Annette !
    Wow I cant believe it's you !! One of my blogland heroes !!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks !

  5. It is looking SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I really like the colors. And you are making very interesting and unique by adding 3-d flowers.... It will be an amazing blanket!

  6. Buenos días Eva, just a little note to say I'm totally thrilled about your blanket, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I am so impressed..!!! As for me... I am crocheting my second scarf and also, I crocheted hand warmers :):).. I would like to learn to make a shawl for mom and then I think I'm going to give it a try.. And start working on a blanket too.. Although I'm not too sure I will be able to find a pattern for beginners.. I'll keep you posted..! Un abrazo mi amiga, y muchas gracias! :)Saludar a la familia, por favor..!! <333

  7. Beautiful blanket - I love the colours you have chosen! Elisabeth x


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