Thursday, November 8, 2012

My First Sewing Machine / Mi primera maquina de coser

Como os prometi aqui os pongo una foto de mi primer maquina de coser, esta que mi madre compro en la tienda de los chinos . . . bueno, pues la verdad es que hace solo lo que es el pespunte basico y con esta maquinita he hecho todo lo que habéis visto hasta ahora y alguna cosa mas que ya os pondré en fotos. Decidí comprarme ya una maquina mejor porque con esta se me limitaban mucho las posibilidades. 

As promised to you in my first post here is a picture of my first sewing machine, that one my mum bought in the One Pound shop (it did not cost one pound but around 15 pounds) ... well truth must be said, it does work well as everything you have seen in my blog up until now has been made with this little machine, and some other things I will show you soon. I decided to buy a better machine last month as this one here was limiting my creative possibilities but is good for simple projects. 

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