Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Magazine Inspiration #1

Hello all ! How is you Autumn going so far ? 
I am working on this WIP , I'm also making the border and finishing off this blanket, and I am also modifying this shawl as I wanted it wider and with more wrap around, mad I know, but I'm just like that. 
I was not completely happy with it and so I decided to modify the pattern and make it wider. 

In the meanwhile, at home we are going to work on the basement and renovate it and so I digged out my magazine collection looking for wood burning stoves and some interior inspiration and found lots of inspiration that I want to share with you all. 

In this Country Homes and Interiors - November 2010 issue I found:

(this lovely granny squares blanket)

(again...grannies on a towel)

(a scraps blanket, I'm sure we can all make this with fabric scraps and a crochet hook.
And did you spot a couple of lovely quilts and cushion on the left ?? )

And . . . these lovely 5 projects to knit. . . now. . .I only know basic knitting skills so this is something I already have on my list to learn. 

What are you making ??

Have a lovely day and week ahead !!



  1. ...finish my green and pink blanket, make a knitting jaket with some granny squares ...also earigns!

  2. Such beautiful pictures. You are making me want to make stuff for my home but I right now I am working on Halloween costumes. I am crocheting Luke's Peter Pan hat (yarn is right out in front of me) and it is very fun to be crocheting again.


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