Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stash-Busting (Crocheting) in the park . . .

Hello !
Hola !

On Sunday we went to the park with the kids and it was just the perfect. The sun was perfect, the temperature perfect, there were very, very few people at the park, it was quiet, calm and so it was perfect for crocheting. 

El Domingo fuimos al parque con los peques y fue perfecto. El sol era perfecto, la temperatura perfecta,  casi nadie en el parque. . . era tranquilo y silencioso y perfecto para hacer ganchillo.

I'm finally making a shawl with the yarns I got in Lisbon. . . the color is pearl grey
Estoy haciendo un chal con las lanas que compre en Lisboa. . .en un gris perla

While my children played happily !
Mientras los niños jugaban a la pelota !

I will show you the shawl when I'm finished, it is called All Shawl (Raverly). 
Os lo enseñare cuando lo haya terminado, se llama All Shawl (Raverly)

I crochet everywhere I can . . . in the train, in the car ... I take every chance !
Yo aprovecho cada momento que puedo para hacer ganchillo . . . en el tren, en el coche !

And you ?
Y tu ?

Have a nice weekend !!
Que tengais un feliz fin de semana !!


  1. Sounds like the perfect day to me Eva! I take my hook everywhere I go too, I can't sit and do nothing. I can't wait to see you finished shawl :)

  2. That is a good way to spend a Sunday:) but my ten-year-old daughter doesn't let me sit and crochet in park and insist on playing with her.

  3. I hope it warms up enough here soon to be able to crochet outside - or do anything outside really! :o)

  4. I'm hoping it warms up enough here soon to be able to go outside and crochet - or do anything outside really! :o)

  5. Really hope we start getting some nice weather like this so I can enjoy crocheting outside as well. Hugs to the family.

  6. Suena como un día perfecto!!! me quedo con ganas de ver tu chal en progreso...

  7. Hola!!!. Mejor marco imposible... A mi también me gusta aprovechar cualquier momento pero con los niños algunas veces es difícil. Sobre todo con mi pequeño
    que es un poco trasto. Un saludo

  8. Such a splendid way to spend a lovely day in the park!

  9. Love the grey! Your new shawl will be beautiful! I'm afraid I am an 'in front of the tv crocheter'. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  10. That looks so relaxing. I always have my knitting (or crochet) with me so I can any minute I get. I really would like to make a shawl for myself too. Maybe yours will motivate me.

  11. The gray is a beautiful shade and look forward to seeing the finish. What a great place to crochet. Maybe I should try that next time my Nature Dude is fishing.

    May you and your family enjoy another fine weekend.
    blessings, jill

  12. What a perfect way to spend time with the children happily playing near by. It looks idylic.
    Love the crochet I shall pop back again to see your progress.

  13. A perfect afternoon! I take my crochet everywhere too....just in case ;) Your shawl is looking lovely x

  14. qui piove sempre...vorrei anch'io poter fare una passeggiata e stendere una coperta per lavorare all'aperto!

  15. Hi Eva,thanks for your visit on my blog :-)
    Unfortunately, I have no pattern for my hook holder, I have dimensions only... I sewed it by heart...


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