Sunday, January 13, 2013

Strawberries & Cream . . . little hearts ♥

Hola, en primer lugar quiero dar las gracias a tod@s los que me visitáis y Bienvenidas a mis nuevas seguidoras !! Gracias

Hello ! First of all I want to thank all the visitors I have had over the weekend and a big welcome to my new followers !! Thank You

Hoy os quiero enseñar lo ultimo que he hecho, estos mini-corazones de crochet.

Today I want to show you the last thing I have made, this stuffed mini-hearts. 

He utilizado este patrón, pero lo he modificado un pelin y es  que después de la vuelta 2 donde tenemos un total de 6 puntos se une la primera cadeneta con la ultima para cerrar el circulo y luego a partir de ahí he trabajado en circulo.

I have used the pattern from this blog but I have modified a tiny bit. Just after round 2 where the total stitches should be 6 I have done a slip stitch to join the circle together and from then on I have worked in rounds. 

 He intentado hacer este corazón a través de videos de YouTube, y otros dos tutoriales al menos de otros blogs, pero no me han funcionado o no me convencía del todo el patrón.

I have tried to make this heart with different YouTube videos and blog tutorials but they did not work for me, some were too big, others were done in 3 parts, to me this was the easiest I have found. 

El beige esta hecho el primero, se nota eh ? y ademas he usado una lana mas gordita y el rosa esta hecho con la misma lana que mi ultima mantita de ganchillo, podéis ver las lanas aquí. El rosa ha quedado mas pequeñito y mas mono para mi gusto. Los usos que se les puede dar a estos corazones son innumerables !!

Espero que os gusten y Happy Crocheting !!

I first made the cream one, you can tell . . .and I used a thicker yarn and the pink one is made with the same yarn I;m using for this crochet blanket I'm making. the pink one is smaller and cute. they can be used in so many ways !!

I hope you like them and Happy Crocheting !


  1. It's absolutely lovely..!!!! And thank you for your answer to my last comment! :) I wanted to send you pics of the little things I've learned so far, but I don't seem to find a way to do that..! I can send messages but not pics.. So here are links to my Imgur :) check them out!!! :) - - - - You're right I'm totally addicted!! HUGS from France!!

    1. I'm impressed, since you only learned to crochet in December . . . I don't think it is possible to include pictures in the comments :-( If I find out how I will let you know as it would be nice to have the option.

      xox Eva

  2. Will try this heart one of these days.... haven't tried doing this in the past. Thanks for sharing the pattern! Got you from Annemarie's Haakblog.

  3. Dear Garden Chef,
    Many thanks for your comment. Yeah ! you should try these crocheted hearts. They can be used as lovely cake toppers (I've seen in your blog you love cooking !)


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