Friday, November 2, 2012

Buntings / Banderines

 Simplemente me encantan ! Yo queria hacer algo personalizado para la habitacion de mi hija y en mis viajes por Europa (principalmente a Irlanda, Escocia y Francia) veia muchos banderines,  y en las revistas extranjeras de decoracion tambien los veia a veces los ponian por el jardin, otras en habitaciones de ninos y me encantaban, me parece que alegran cualquier ambiente.

I simply love them !  I wanted to make something personalized  for my daughter and in my travels in Europe (mainly Ireland, Scotland and France) I saw buntings everywhere, also in the foreign magazines I read (specially in Country Homes & Interiors, one of my favourites) they put buntings in gardens, in children bedrooms, everywhere and I think they give a festive look anywhere you put them and cheer up any room. 

Luego he hecho muchos para regalos de amigas y tengo mas en mente. Aqui os pongo uno que hice similar al de mi hija, pero este era para Elena.

Then I made lots for friends. Here is a sample of  one I made for Elena, the one for my daughter was very similar to this one. 

 Este era para mi peque, Marc, con motivos nauticos y haciendo juego con su mantita.

This other was for my little one, Marc, matching his granny square blanket.

Ahora me traigo uno entre manos algo diferente, y no lo puedo ensenar porque es para un regalo, pero en cuanto lo reciba la destinataria pondre una foto.

Espero que os gusten !

At the moment I'm doing one that is different to these all as I'm using a different fabric color combination, but I cannot show it to you until it has reached its destination. 

I hope you like them too !


  1. What sweet buntings! I love the personalization for the special people in your life!

  2. Adorable! I love them! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party. I am now following via FB, Pinterest & Google+!


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