Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pom-pom little girls knitted cowl and other late makes. . .

Hello to all and thank you for being there during this long absence.
What have I been up to ? 
The months before Christmas it was busy at work and involved some travelling
and I just could not keep up with work, the house, blogging and my online shop and what all that involves. 
I have lately had that dilemma about juggling so many things in my life and sometimes some things take priority and others have to be put on hold. That is the way life works, isn't it ?

In terms of crafting we have been up to a lot around here. 

My latest creation has been this cowl. 
I made it with the yarn leftover from another cowl I had made for my daughter here.

The cowl, I made it for a friend's daughter, and she loved it. 
I improvised the pattern and this is something I had been wanting to make for a long time: 
a girl's cowl that had a pom-pom closure. 
I think the result is very sweet. 

Then, if you follow me in IG, you would have already seen these pictures. 
I make lots of crafts with my kids, daily if we can. 
I try to make them as crafty and creative as possible as this is something I love and it is part of my life. I cannot think of my life without the creative part. And I believe creativity opens the mind to many other things in life. 

and so here below we made some hamma beads coasters. . . 

The blue one is a CK crosshatch pattern and the white one was our own creation. . .
the kids can spend ours doing that. 

Here below are some pretty things I also posted in IG. 
I lately have something for Liberty Fabrics. . . I just love them ! 

Below is my new knitting/crochet corner in our living room. And a cushion I have also recently made. 

 Below is another IG picture. .. :-) 
This was one of my quite afternoons. . . .it's funny when you see a picture like this you dream of a quiet afternoon, enjoying your tea and some knitting/crochet and also a few moments enjoying a good recipe book ! Far from reality....I took this picture and had literally 10 mins of quiet before picking the children up from school. 
My 'me' times are that . . . .literally 10 mins in the afternoon if I'm lucky and then I might get a couple of hours at night.  
But those evenings are often lacked of energy and I just need to put my brain on a side, put on my favourite TV series and crochet or knit for a little while. 
I'm not a night owl and have always been a morning person and so it is in the morning when my energy is at its highest ! 

And those granny squares you see below it's my current WIP. I cannot show you too much as it will be a surprise present for a 1 yr old baby. She will be 1 in May and so I don't want to spoil the surprise for her lovely mum, that happens to be my cousin. 

And below a funny snapshot ! 
My kids always find different fun uses for my crochet blankets. . . one day they can be a tent, another a picnic blanket, a princess or queen's cape, a boat. . . the imagination of a child has not limits !! 

 Well thanks again for being there and for reading my blog. 
I hope to get back again to the routine of writing often as I really miss this little world. 
I have found wonderful people in it and I love the 'positive' vibe and good energy it is surrounded with... 



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  1. Hola y muchas gracias por tu visita. Me encanta el rincón que tiene para hacer punto y ganchillo.


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