Monday, May 20, 2013

Nido de Abeja

A while ago in this post I showed you a little bit of a picture, well this was it !!
No, I didn't make these . . . my mum did, and these dresses have at least 37 yrs, 
well some of them do. . . They are in fact my childhood dresses. I just love the embroidery, all by hand.

Hace tiempo en esta entrada os enseñe un trocito de una foto, bien pues esto es !!
No, esto no lo he hecho yo. . . sino mi madre. Algunos de estos vestidos tienen 37 años . . . 
Son los vestidos de mi niñez. Me encanta el bordado que llevan, es todo hecho a mano. 

My mum and my aunt used to make dresses and most cloths for myself and my cousin and these dresses were made for special occasions, Sundays, etc (yes, we had a time were we had a Sunday dress). 

Mi madre y mi tia nos hacían estos vestidos y la mayoría de la ropa a mi y a mi prima y estos vestidos eran para ocasiones especiales, Domingos, etc (en aquella época teníamos lo que se llamaba 'el vestido de los Domingos)

In Spanish this type of embroidery is called Nido de Abeja, which literally means Beehive. My mum and aunt used to see dresses in the shop windows and kept the design in their head (there were no digital cameras or mobile phones back then) and then just made the dress. 
I'm hoping to learn  little bit at least of this embroidery from my mum and I think it can be given a modern or contemporary twist. . .

En España este tipo de bordado se llama de Nido de Abeja. Mi madre y mi tia solían verlos en los escaparates de las tiendas y se quedaban con el diseño en la cabeza (no había cámaras digitales ni teléfonos móviles entonces) y luego hacían el vestido. 
Espero aprender de mi madre este tipo de bordado y creo que se le puede dar un giro moderno o contemporáneo . . . 

This one above, I wore it when I was 2 yrs old . . .

Este de arriba, lo llevaba cuando tenia 2 años . . . 

I must have been around 7 when I wore this dress, it was made for my cousin's first communion.

Creo que tenia 7 años cuando llevaba este vestido que fue hecho para que lo llevara en la primera comunión de mis primos. 

And this one was made for my own first communion, well I wore my traditional dress and then late in the afternoon in case I wanted to change my mum had this ready for me. . .

Y este me lo hizo mi madre para el día de mi comunión, bueno lleve mi vestido de comunión y este era para mas tarde cuando me cansara del vestido tradicional. . . 

She made much more dresses in other colours and with butterflies, etc but she gave them away to relatives. 

Me hizo mas vestidos en otros colores, pero se los dio a familiares y perdimos el rastro de los vestidos, estos son los que aun conservamos . . .

And, do you still keep your childhood dresses ??

Y tu, aun guardas tus vestidos de la infancia ??


  1. I have not one single piece of clothing from my childhood. But what a priceless treasure you have in all those beautiful dresses. Your mum and aunt are truly very talented.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh my, the dresses are beautiful!! My mom-in-law made my daughter a smoked dress when she was a toddler - I loved it.

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous you must be so pleased that you still have them. They truly are works of art.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Thank you for showing those lovely dresses. They are all so beautiful. I think it is so nice that you still have them. Did your daughter ever wear them? I just emailed my mom to see if she still had any of my dressed but I think her answer will be no. I didn't have handmade clothes though my grandmother did sew. But I know from pictures that I did have some pretty dresses.

  5. Oh wow! These dresses are a work of art! The communion dress is beautiful. My mom kept some things like this from when I was little and I love to look at them when I go back home. I wonder the same as Christine: has your daughter ever worn any of these dresses? xx

    1. Thanks to all for the comments !!
      My daughter has only worn them to play around the house, etc.
      but they do look a bit old fashioned on her.
      I love the embroidery they have and would love to make some like that in modern style dresses
      I think it would look nice !

  6. Sono stupendi!!!!! Vorrei tornare bambina per poterli indossare tutti!!!

  7. These dresses are amazing! You are so lucky to still have them! Stalking you from Diana Rambles!


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