Monday, February 18, 2013

Hook to Heal Project

Happy Monday ! 

You might have noticed a new widget on my right hand side board. 
Well, this is something I want to share with you. 

Have you ever thought that crochet (or other crafts for that matter) could improve your quality of life ?

I do believe in this and I have believed in it for a long time. 
It keeps you busy and your mind too, it gives you a sense of achievement, networking (if you are blogging or following blogs), it makes you feel useful, alive and creative !

That is why as soon as I read about this project I knew I had to contribute. 

Please check out Kathryn's Hook to Heal project and if you can contribute it would be great. She accepts contributions for as little as $1.00 !

If you also believe in this, please spread the word too, 

Happy Crochet ! 


Feliz Lunes !!

Seguro que ya habréis visto la nueva imagen en la parte derecha de mi blog.
Bueno, esto es algo que quiero compartir con vosotr@s.

Alguna vez habéis pensado que crochet  (u otras manualidades) os pueden ayudar a mejorar vuestra calidad de vida ?

Yo si lo creo y lo he creído durante mucho tiempo.
Nos mantiene ocupadas y la mente también, nos da un sentido de haber conseguido algo, de interactuar con otros (si tenéis un blog o seguis algún blog), os hace sentir vivas,  útiles, creativas !

Por eso cuando leí sobre este proyecto supe que tenia que co-operar.

Por favor echar un vistazo al Proyecto de Kathryn y si podeis contribuir seria genial. Se aceptan contribuciones por tan poco como  $1.00 !

Si creéis en este proyecto también, por favor hacer eco de ello

Feliz Crochet !



  1. I can't imagine my life without crafting. I think that my life revolves around my family but crafting is connected to that whether I am making something for my home, my kids, or crafting with them. Even when we are at the beach we sculpt things out of sand and seaweed and when we go play outside in the snow we look for pinecones to make things out of. But it is also important just for me to have my own thing I do by myself and that is crafting too. And it connects me to others too both online and in real life. I don't have a big social life but when I spend time with friends without my family it usually revolves around crafts and could be making things together, going shopping for fabric or going to a quilt show. Well I guess I have a lot to say about this! I have seen that widget before but haven't gotten around to checking it out. I will soon.

  2. Thanks so much for spreading the word about my work in helping people use crafting to heal and improve their lives!!!


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